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Wedit: An Exciting DIY Twist to Traditional Wedding Video

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We all love a great movie and wedding videography has become just that: a full-on cinematic experience full of emotion. Traditionally, couples hire a professional wedding videographer to make sure every special memory is caught on film, but as we recently found out, there are some pretty cool options making the "wedding rounds" these days. One, in particular, caught our attention: Wedit. This is not a new service, but it recently started offering shipping to Canada; so, we just had to share. Check it out!

Wedding Videos produced with Wedit DIY

What is Wedit? How Does it Work?

Wedit is a "do-it-yourself" type of wedding videography service:
  1. Five HD cameras (iPod Touches) are sent to you the week before your wedding.
  2. Distribute them amongst your family and friends and let them capture your wedding from their standpoint.
  3. After the wedding, send the cameras back to Wedit
    where everything then gets uploaded into your own password protected area.

Wedit Trailer from Wedit on Vimeo.

Why we love this idea

  • You get to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests.
  • You can capture the entire weekend of wedding festivities as opposed to just the wedding day.
  • It is affordable (under $500 for the basic rental)
  • Multiple cameras on site being used by different people gives you a very "complete" view of the day from different perspectives.
  • Wedit will host your wedding video for one year after the wedding which gives you lots of time to download and save it onto your computer.
  • Plus, Wedit's on-staff editors can compile your clips into an edited wedding video (if you upgrade to one of Wedit's editing packages)

More info?

Visit, or view some sample videos - or simply call them! 1-877-699-3348

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