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Winners: Our Very Best Wedding Photos of 2014

Posted At : April 1, 2015 8:48 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 12,044
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" .. over 1,000 photographs, 37 finalists, 8,000 people voting on social media .. "

And the Winner Is...

Bride and Groom kissing against the stars and the milky way

Michelle & Mark, under the milky way, on the left coast of Canada, incredibly photographed by Chris Boar of Nanaimo, BC (

Tied for 2nd Place

The judges were split on these two - but social media carried the day and the popular vote on Facebook cliched it for Camillia, Brittany & Luke :-)

Passionate kiss in the lake

Brittany & LukeCamillia Courts Photography

bride and groom kissing in the snowy rocky mountains

Delphine & Pierrick, photograhed by Tatiana & Natalia of Karizma Photography

All the Finalists

Michelle & Mark Brittany & Luke Delphine & Pierrick Laura ( - and Trevor?) Christine (waiting for Mark!) Lana & Mike Lana & (soon to reach!) Michael Katrina & Dustan Lana & Mike Lauren & Bryan Sheri & Doug Olivia & Tom Emily & Tucker Kayla (& Jeff) Krystal & Justin Dina & Ahmed Maria Tima & Stephen Polina & Stas Melissa & Mateo Amanda & David

Kudos & Congratulations to All the Finalists!

Special Mention : Martine Sansoucy

An extra shoutout must go out to Saskatoon shooter Martine Sansoucy. In an unprecendented show of artistic prowess and popularity both, Martine placed four finalists in our top-20! (She was also a finalist in 2012 and 2013) We have run this contest since 2009 and no one has ever come close to that. Great showing!

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