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Inspiration: Summer Style in Vera Wang, at the Flower Farm

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Summer bride in floral crown

Bridal portrait sessions, before and especially after the wedding, are becoming quite popular. Quite simply, as our photographer here (Matthew Addington at Foster & Asher) put it:

We love these portrait sessions because they give us extra time to capture the beauty of the bride. Often times we suggest to our brides that they consider a bridal portrait session AFTER they marriage. We have found that our brides are often much more comfortable during these shoots after the wedding.

Summer bride in flower crown

We chose Irvington Spring Farm in Central, VA as our location for this shoot partially because of the beautiful early morning light, but mostly because of the gorgeous hand-manicured flower farm they maintain.

Bride in floral crown and veil

Bride in flower crown and veil

photography: Matthew Addington, Foster & Asher Photography, VA

Vera Wang wedding gown

Vera Wang wedding dress

Jeanne's perfect dress is from Vera Wang - the 2014 collection

Vera Wang strapless wedding dress

Summer garden bride

photography: Matthew Addington, Foster & Asher Photography, VA

Jeane in her gorgeous floral crown The garden made the perfect location The veil and the crown worked really well together! Just light enough in the summer breeze Profile of the elegant, strapless summer gown Another view of the simply elegant dress by Vera Wang The A great day, a gorgeous model, the perfect portrait

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