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Destination Banff!
Alexis & Shaun's Fall Wedding
at the Fairmont

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Bride & Groom in Rockies, by Banff Springs Hotel

Gorgeous locations, both indoors & outdoors, under the Alberta Rockies' breathtaking vistas, underscore Alexis & Shaun's destination wedding with a sense of timelessness that is hard to duplicate in an urban setting. The undisputed star of the event: The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel; those vaulted ceilings belong in a fairytale!

~ photography by : Kim Payant Photography, Banff.

wedding rings, cufflinks & bridal bouquet charms

A beautiful clear sunrise over the Bow River started our castle in the mountains wedding. Surrounded by family and friends, we were married in the St Mary's Catholic church in a wonderfully humorous and engaging reliougous ceremony with music accompaniment from our harpist. We were then transported to some of our favorite places around Banff to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery for our pictures.

wedding reception, harpist

Wedding ceremony in St Mary's Church in Banff Alberta

Newlyweds in St Mary's Church, in Banff, Alberta

Their favourite top-3 details:

  • The dress - I didn't want to take it off. I felt so beautiful
  • Our flowers - they were breathtaking
  • Our Bride and Groom cups from Starbucks. It was where we had our first date

Fall floral bridal bouquet

couple kissing by glacial lake in the Rockies

Our reception was held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and was everything that we could have imagined and more. The Mt Stephen Hall was stunning and our guests are still talking about the food. We danced and socialized the night away with memories to last a lifetime.

Banff Springs Hotel brass door sign

Gorgeous vaulted banquet room at Banff Springs hotel

The bride and groom top-3 moments

  • Our ceremony. Father Gary Laboucan made us feel so comfortable and special saying our vows.
  • Our pictures - interacting with our wedding party and our photographers, there was never a dull moment.
  • Our moment by ourselves prior to the reception. Letting it all sink in and enjoying our first moments as a married couple.

wedding table decor

wedding reception at Feirmont Hotel, Banff Springs, Alberta

wedding cake, floral cake-top

Their Engagement Story!

It was a Wednesday evening and Lexi was teaching her last class of the night and whilst in the middle of choreography, in walks one of Lexi's 10-year old ballerinas dressed in a beautifully flowing pink tutu and carrying a huge bouquet of red roses and a pack of tissues. She gently placed the bouquet and the tissues into the hands of a bewildered looking Miss

Lexi and then in true ballerina fashion, curtsied and stepped aside.

It was at that moment that Shaun found the courage to enter the setting of his previous discomfort to give Lexi her classic, or in this case, classical proposal. As Shaun proudly strolled toward his beautiful bride to be and his very best friend he was closely followed by 20 of Miss Lexi's current and former dancers and fellow instructors who took up audience on the floor in front of the couple.

Shaun said to Lexi, 'I know I have made you wait a long time for this moment, but right now I have one question for you'. With a dramatic pause fit for any stage, Shaun knelt down on one knee, revealed the beautiful and sparkly diamond ring. 'Lexi... Will you marry me?'... Lexi squeaked out and nodded an emphatic yes and embraced the man she loves so dearly to the applause and cheers of her second family.

Bride & groom dancing in Fairmont Banff

Alex & Shaun's Dream Team

Well Done!

Bride with bridesmaids and gorgeous bridal bouquets

Whimsical, multicolored groomsmen socks

Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun Alexis & Shaun

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