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Tips & Trends: Treating Orchid, Colour of 2014

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Somewhere between lavender and lilac with fuchsia, purple and pink undertones lies the colour "Orchid".

Radiant Orchid wedding styleboard

When Pantone speaks, the fashion world listens. Why?
Pantone is the authority on all things colour when it comes to fashion and design. So, when the 2014 "colour of the year" was announced back in December, the upcoming season's palette was officially set.

Monique Lhuillier : Bridesmaids

Monique Lhuillier : Bridesmaids #450001

2014 Wedding Colour Trends

The 2014 palette takes its inspiration from blooming flowers. Soft pastels paired with vivid, bright colours create a strong and confident look and by mixing them together, they "defy conventional design wisdom", making the result super-modern.

pic from The Washingtonian

The 2014 "Pantone Colour of the Year"?

Pastel blue, pale violet, light grey, beige, and light green make up the soft side of the 2014 palette, whereas, yellow, orange, coral and bold blue complete the vivid side. And, right on the boldest end of the spectrum, we have Radiant Orchid...2014's official colour of the year!

"Elegant Orchid" Tealight Holder from Bridalicious

Shoes! A great, curated article on Shoerazzi

How to use it in your wedding?

This bold and bright colour is absolutely stunning in the spring and summer. But, such a bold colour can also be overwhelming.

Our suggestion is to tone it down to its softer lavender or lilac side for your décor and to punch it up to full "orchid" in your accents, like the flowers, and favours.

spring-themed, wedding cake

J'Adore Cakes, Scarborough

Glass Favour Jar from Beaucoup


This is a very versatile colour as it works well with reds and even better with its sister shades like lavender, lilac, purple or pink.

Mix and match a variety of these colours instead of using just Orchid throughout your whole day. The overall effect of the variety of shades will add interest to your wedding theme and it will make the event all the more current!

Favour Box from Beaucoup

"Natural Bliss" Wedding Invitation from Beaucoup

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