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Best Wedding Photos of 2013

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The Winner : Wedding Photo 2014

Winner: Bride.Canada's Wedding Photo of 2014

This stunning and technically brilliant shot by David Buck of David & Sherry Photography (in Owen Sound) was, easily, our overall winner. To hear David explain it ...

The photo was taken on a hilltop in Bognor Ontario during the June supermoon which rose as the biggest full moon of the year. It took months of planning and we had to learn all about moon angles and directions in order to pick a spot to shoot from. We were very fortunate as the only thing we couldn't predict was the weather and there were thankfully no clouds in the sky. ?
Wow! Click the photo to appreciate it in max size. And of course our congratulations to the lucky and photogenic couple, Andrea & Desmond.

Their Prize

Andrea & Desmond will celebrate their victory (away from David's prying tele-lense ?), for a whole week on Cuba Cruise's Louis Cristal, courtesy of our friends at!

Honourable Mentions

The #2 and #3 images also deserve a special mention. They were both close judges favourites; Tracy & Sharon were also our fan favourite on FB; and Heather MacEachern's generational candid of Kellie was by far the most touching image of the entire contest. For all that and more they were both a "notch" up from the remaining finalists in the final scoring.

Tracy and Sharon, fan favoutites for Best Wedding Photo of 2014

Tracy & Sharon, photographed by
Adam from Stick Productions in Regina.

Kellie and Joseph: finalist for Best Weddin gPhoto of 2013 in Canada

Kellie & Joseph, photographed by
Heather MacEachern from HRM Photography (London, ON)

All the Runners-Up

Andrea and Desmond Tracy and Sharon Kellie and Joseph Lindsay and Ben Amy and Steven Jennifer and Clint Mishelle and Mark Michelle and Geoff Carleigh and John Sophia and Alex Ashley and Ryan Lauren and Mitch


Cuba CruisesA great many thanks to our prizing sponsor,

They can take you not only on a Cuba Cruise, but also to Grenada, Tuscany, even closest to home to Muskoka!

Our Celebrity Judges!
And of course, let's not forget our guest judges, who added their votes & expertise to our own editorial staff and completed our panel. We couldn't have done it without them:

Theo Dermatis
Theo Dermatis, Editor-in-Chief,
Elegant Wedding Magazine.
Shannon Emerson
Shannon Emerson, Founder & Director for Forge & Spark Media
Adjunct Professor, SFU Master of Publishing Program.

Thank You ~ and see you all again next year!

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