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Best Engagement Photos of 2013

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Overall Winner : Engagement Photo 2014

This amazing long exposure by Kurt Brown of Two-Tone Studios (in Guelph) is our hands-down overall winner. It was in fact the only photograph in the entire contest to receive marks from all six judges. Kudos! And congratulations to the lucky and photogenic couple, Jessica & Brad.

Their Prize

Jessica & Brad will celebrate their victory with a five-night Carribean vacation, courtesy of the super-natural & super-romantic Fond-Doux Plantation in St Lucia!

Winter + Spring Photos

Since "winter" is short (January+February) we decided to merge the two seasons this year... and were promptly overwhelmed with stunned images :-) Both the overall winner and the most popular "fan favourite" pics came from this group!

"People's Choice" for Winter+Spring

Another canoe shot! Canadiana!
So very close to the overall winner too .. just two votes!
Chelsea & John, photographed by Jason Ploegman,
in the CM Wilson Conservation Area in Chatham-Kent

Their Prize

Chelsea & John have already selected their matching set of titanium wedding bands, from Black Tie Rings.

All the Runners-Up

Jessica & Brad  Chelsea & John Bella & Vijay Angela & Wayne Crystal & Jonathan Patricia & Carlo Evgenia & Roman Tammy & Jason Danielle & Michael Lisa & Emiliano Jillian & Laura

Summer Photos

Traditionally summer has the least entries (just under a thousand this year). Couples are too busy getting married! But the golden light makes this the most anticipated group; super-romantic! In the end, Maggie Morgan's nostalgic & playful moment best captured our judges imaginations (reminded them of their carefree childhoods we think ?)

"People's Choice" for Summer

Marianne & Stewart - Magie Morgan, Earthling Photography
Jericho Beach in Vancouver: We found a rustic swing in the course of the engagement shoot and I loved how the couple embraced the photo opportunity and got playful on the swing

Their Prize

Marianne & Stewart will be picking their matching set of titanium wedding bands next week, at Black Tie Rings in Vancouver.

All the Runners-Up

Marianne & Stewart Leah & Scott Cailey & Michael Roland & Kathleen Natalia & Vlad Jen & Dan Kathleen & Thomas Gintare & Max

Fall Photos

Fall is usually huge and this year was no exception. Too, the autumn leaves make for the most stunning imagery - so hard to choose; they're all gorgeous (tip: they also make fpr great super-romantic computer deektops in our BRIDE.Canada office ?)

After much deliberation, Iulia & Daniel were the people's choice and our judges' as well - those raindrops were irresistible! But this was also the closest fought contest of our three seasons, so we are awarding a special mention to the first runner-up, Alvin's innovative & whimsical balloon moment!

"People's Choice" for Fall

Iulia & Daniel
Jason Shum, Little Freelenser, Scarborough

Their Prize

Iulia & Daniel have already selected their favourite rings: Fortuna titanium wedding bands from Black Tie Rings.

Honourable Mention

Maria & Stephen, SIM Wedding, Richmond BC

All the Runners-Up

Iulia & Daniel Maria & Stephen Melissa & Dimitri Jessy & Remi Mario & Rosalyne Claudia & Kyle Noa & Aaron Shelbie & Mitchell Jaclyn & Justin Megan & Spencer Ilene & Francois


A great many thanks to our amazing prizing sponsors. Fantastic groups of people, who "get" weddings & brides and know how to make your day - and ours too!

And of course, let's not forget our guest judges, who added their votes & expertise to our own editorial staff and completed our panel:

Theo Dermatis
Theo Dermatis, Editor-in-Chief,
Elegant Wedding Magazine.
Shannon Emerson
Shannon Emerson, Founder & Director for Forge & Spark Media
Adjunct Professor, SFU Master of Publishing Program.

Thank You ~ and see you all again next year!

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