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Emerald Green: 2013 Wedding Colour of the Year

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"vibrant, energetic and expressive "..

Emerald Green wedding theme for 2013 colour board / styleboard

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Alas, it was not mint to be! (lol) Pantone, the design world's authority on colour, has chosen its colour of the year from its 2013 spring colour palette collection and emerald green is the ONE!

Well, we were very close, predicting a "green" tone would be crowned 2013's wedding colour of the year but in the end, the vibrant, energetic and expressive emerald green beat its soft, elegant, and ethereal counterpart, mint.

How to use Emerald in your wedding theme?

Punch up brilliant white, elegant ivory or stylish grey with this super hot hue as an accent, or..

To make it super-current, pick between yellow or coral accents to a dominant emerald theme and create an extra chic 2013 combination!

Let the planning officially begin!

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