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The Best Engagement Photos of 2012

Posted At : February 17, 2013 8:05 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 14,325
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"Feel the Love!"..

The Winner!

The Best Engagement Photograph of 2012, in Canada: Stanislava Ludmilin / Vitaly Kotyakov, photographed by Matt Kennedy Photography in Vancouver

Stanislava Ludmilin / Vitaly Kotyakov
Matt Kennedy Photography, Vancouver

So exciting! Almost 2,500 images were submitted to the photo contest this year, more than ever before, from across Canada. Some 17,000 votes were casted, on our Facebook Page. The judges have now deliberated, everything has been tallied and we have our winners. Congratulations to Stanislava, Vitaly and their photographer, Matt Kennedy (Matt actually had two images in the top-20!).

Congratulations to all the other couples and their incredible photographers as well. And a great many thanks to the thousands of friends who voted for the favourites on Facebook! As always, the results were very very close. In many cases, when the judges were split, it made the decisive difference!
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2nd Place

Hannah / Joel, Frank Fen

Hannah & Joel
Frank Fenn Photographer, Ottawa

3rd Place

Kiley Mitchell / Chris Contois 	Todd Durnan, TJ DURNAN Photography

Kiley Mitchell / Chris Contois
Todd Durnan, TJ DURNAN Photography, Kitchener, ON

4th Place

Karen Saborin / Aaron Saborin	Trina Lewis

Karen Saborin / Aaron Saborin
Trina Lewis, Edmonton

5th Place

Tracy Stober / Tyler Smith 	Lew D'Souza, Engaging Images

Tracy Stober / Tyler Smith
Lew D'Souza, Engaging Images, Toronto

The Full Top-20

Stanislava Ludmilin / Vitaly Kotyakov Hannah / Joel Kiley Mitchell / Chris Contois Karen Saborin / Aaron Saborin Tracy Stober / Tyler Smith Elisabeth Craig / Daniel Bismeyer  Andrea Wheaton / Dave Schultz Gillian Sherwood / Trevor Bedard Mandy Wong / Jeff Riou Suzanne Hepburn / Shane Leydon Chelsey Sackman / Ryan Zorn Sara Goodchild / Brendan Goodchild Randi-Lyn Voss / Mark Andrew Kelsey / Clayton Janine and Matt Kelly Bosher / Doug Bosher Haley Roy / Cody Sweet Julie Draker / Ryan Draker Jenny Robson / Kerrie Jesse Saei Fard / Cam Joynt

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