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Winter Wedding Venue Idea: The Conservatory

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How to Have Garden Wedding in the Winter!

Well, I guess you need an indoor garden! A big one too: you need to fit your ceremony, your décor, your guests; take some great photos as well - why even move to a different photo location?

Botanical Gardens & Conservatories to the rescue! Just about every city has one. Usually a big dome or a pyramid or some other tall, roomy, heated glass structure, bright, filled with beautiful exotic plants, even full size trees, ponds, little creeks - at least one of them has exotic birds too - even monkeys! lol..

Conservatory Wedding Example #1 : Muttart Pyramid, Edmonton

Rikk & Kristina's wedding
location: Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton
photography: Admire Studios, Edmonton

Conservatory Wedding Example #2 : Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver

Erika & Binh's quirky wedding!
location: Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver
photography: Will Pursell Photography, Burnaby

Conservatory Wedding Example #3 : Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

We do not know the couple's names :-( but you must click this image and experience the 360-views of this event, on - wow!
location: Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto
photography: : Bryan Groulx

In Other Canadian Cities

Affordable Alternative: Try a Wedding in a Greenhouse!

Really, a greenhouse is just a small conservatory! Or the other way around? Here is a great example we featured last year, at the Glendale Gardens greenhouse, in Victoria.

Find These in your City..

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