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Elizabeth Fillmore: Spring 2013 Collection

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"1930's elegance, drama, and starlet glamour"..

Arabelle wedding gown from Elizabeth Fillmore 2013

Arabelle : from the Elizabeth Fillmore 2013 Collection

We love Elizabeth Fillmore's 2013 collection ...

An evening wear designer for many years, Elizabeth Fillmore changed directions in 1999 to launch a bridal wear collection that takes her experience in formal, evening wear and directs it toward the modern bride.

Flora wedding gown from the Elizabeth Fillmore Spring 2013 bridal collection

Flora : from the Elizabeth Fillmore 2013 Collection

Her Spring 2013 bridal line echoes the elegance and glamour of the 1930's and draws on nature for inspiration, making flowering gardens and budding branches the theme in her garden inspired collection.

As always, her designs capture romance and elegance with a touch of the bohemian...a truly unique combination in bridal gown designs. Hand done accents, like flowers and trim, coupled with soft draping create an overall lightness in all her designs. Plus, French and Italian fabrics add richness and luxury to every creation.

Arabelle Arabelle Arabelle Flora Flora Arielle Arielle Arielle Arielle Bella Bella Bella Deco Deco Evie Fiona Isabella Isabella Narelle Narelle Narelle Olivia Olivia

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