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Fun Wedding Invitation Idea : Message in a Bottle!

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wedding invitation in a bottle : for a beach wedding or a destination wedding or simply a theme wedding!

One of the possible designs from

The Perfect Destination or Beach Wedding Invitation?

Yes, a wedding invitation in the form of a message in a bottle is the latest trend to hit wedding planning. Mysterious, fun, and very unique... a message in a bottle wedding invitation really sets the tone for a whimsical destination or simply beach or just beach-themed wedding.

.. But not Only

We love this idea because it takes a very traditional aspect of a wedding and flips it into one of intrigue and adventure. It creates a "moment" long before the wedding even takes place. From destination weddings to formal affairs, couples can engage their guests and leave them with the anticipation of what excitement is yet to come...

The paper invitation format inside the wedding invitation in a bottle

Sample of what the actual paper part of the invitation can look like; ©

Why not DIY?

DIY kit for the Invitation-in-a-bottle wedding invitation design

A Simple DIY Kit from
Some FUN Assembly Required :-)

Invitations in a bottle are just about the easiest DIY wedding project!

  • Do-it-totally-yourself: Simply visit your local craft store for bottles, corks, paper and ribbon. Print your "message" (invitation) on the paper, roll it up and place it in the bottle. Cork the bottle, label it and voila!
  • Buy the Entire Kit Ready: from You can either print your own message on the supplied paper or have them preprinted and sent to you with the DIY supplies. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Ocean Shores : Beach-themed wedding invitation kit in-a-bottle Black-tie, formal beach wedding invitation kit!

The "Ocean Shore" & "Black Tie" DIY Kit from
The latter for .. "formal beach events"?? or just a touch of whimsy to an otherwise formal wedding - the former, not so much!


If you are buying supplies locally, make sure to get shatter-proof bottles!


Add items in the bottle that will reflect your wedding theme. For beach weddings, add sand. For evening formal affairs, add glitter!

To more examples from

It Actually Gets Even Easier!

You can in fact order the bottles, fully assembled complete with printed messages and RSVP cards. Then have the invitations sent to your guests directly from the good folks at Just provide your guest list with guest addresses and they'll take care of everything else. Wow!

Other Applications?

SAve-the-date (wedding)


Guest seating cards, thank-you notes, and even favours... lots of possibilities and definitely lots of fun. Planning a wedding should be fun and invitations in a bottle gets it all started right from the get go! Enjoy!

Bridesmaids invitation

Bridesmaids Invitation?

Wedding guest favors, beach wedding, destination wedding, impirnted bottle

Guest Favours?

Why didn't we think of this first?!

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