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Gorgeous by Georgia: How-To Cope with a Ginormous Zit!

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Girl  squeezing zit, pimple on her face

Your wedding day's just around the corner and you've been counting down the days, right?!
Mani, pedi, wax...check!
Gorgeous hair and sublime makeup?...check!
You got a few good nights of sleep and you look refreshed BUT you've woken up to find an uninvited guest, Mr. Zit, sitting nice and pretty right smack in the middle of your face!

What to do?

Don't panic...just try these pimple be gone tricks and zit zapping remedies below:
  • To get the red out, apply a few drops of Visine on the pimple.
  • To reduce swelling, run an ice cube over it.
  • To eliminate any crustiness, dab a bit of Vitamin E or Tamanu oil on it.
  • For a whitehead, apply a hot compress, then gently (and I really mean gently) squeeze and dab the area with rubbing alcohol. This prevents infection.
  • If none of these methods work or you're in need of an overnight super quick fix, visit your MD for an emergency cortisone shot.

Tips for Covering "it" Up

  • Fair-to-medium Skin Tones: Use yellow-based, oil-free liquid or cream concealer to reduce redness and acne scarring.
  • Darker Skin Tones: A mango or deep-yellow-orange colour works best.
  • Choose a long lasting formula so that your product stays put and your pimple stays covered.
  • The redder the pimple, the more opaque the concealer has to be.
  • Mineral powder is a great product to use also, as it blends seamlessly into the skin and doesn't cake. It can be used alone for less severe pimples or layered on top of concealer and/or foundation for more coverage.
  • Use a synthetic concealer brush to cover up blemishes instead of your finger.
  • Oils on your finger tend to break apart the concealer.
  • Once you have covered "it", be sure to set "it" with a translucent powder to prevent meltdown.
  • If your little "friend" needs more coverage, use a mineral powder instead; it sets makeup too but also provides additional cover.


Applying sea buck thorn oil to your entire face on a daily basis will help keep your skin in check and acne free for your wedding day and you'll avoid all this drama altogether.

Cheers and have an amazing wedding day! ~ Georgia Spyra, the makeup expert.

It Works! Happy Georgia Spyra Bride, Stacey!

Georgia Spyra, Makeup Artist Georgia Spyra is an accredited, award-winning makeup artist with over 16 years experience in the beauty industry. She was voted one of Canada's top-20 makeup artists and one of Canada's Top-5 bridal makeup artists; she was featured in Elle Magazine as top Canadian make up and beauty expert. She is a make over artist for Life Network Platform; a make up artist/educator for Canadian Make Up Show and Kryolan Cosmetics; as well as a make up designer for many fashion shows, music videos and Television shows, like CBC News and Relic Hunter.

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