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Best Wedding Photos of 2011 in Canada

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..And the Winner is..

The Best Wedding Photograph in Canada, in 2011

Nicole & Jarrett, London, Ontario, July 2011
photo : HRM Photography, London

Tied for Second (only one point behind first!)

Blushing Bride Studio, weddin gphotography, Montreal

photo : Neel Mehra, Blushing Bride Studio, Montréal

Jon-Mark Wiltshire Wedding Photography, Victoria

Meghann & Cole Faulkner, Pitt Meadows, BC
photo : Jon-Mark Wiltshire, Victoria

Tied for Third Place

Winer weddin gphoto in sled, by Avant Garde Studio, Montreal

Candace & Jeffrey, Quebec City, Feb 2011
photo : Avant Garde Studio, Montréal

Kristi & Patrick, Victoria, BC, Canada wedding photo night rain

Kristi & Patrick, Victoria
photo : Jon-Mark Wiltshire, Victoria

Beautiful wedding photograph from Konoka, Ontario, Canada

Helen & Kevin, Komoka, Ontario, June 2011
photo : HRM Photography, London

Cheryl & Noel's amazing black&white wedding photo, by Trina Lewis, Creations wedding Photo, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Cheryl & Noel Lukasewich, Sept 2011, Edmonton
photo : Trina Lewis, Creations Photo, Edmonton

Vintage weddin gphotography by Will Pursell, Vancouver

Brynn & Chris, Fort langley BC, June 2011
photo : Will Pursell, Burnaby

Runners-Up / Honourable Mentions..

Julia and Paul Alejandra Susan & Tyler Severine & Jean-Nicolas Gavin & Holly photo : Elizabeth Delage (Kim &) Craig Sylvie Croteau-Chou photo : Elizabeth Delage Greer & Joley

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