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Real Weddings : Sunny yellow, Budget-friendly, DIY = PERFECT

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They Call Me "Mellow Yellow"!

Just about the perfect, DIY backyard event, this gorgeous, intimate, BRIGHT California event can be your best starting "template". So many good ideas, such lovely style indeed! We found it on one of our favourite wedding blogs : Oh Lovely Day - definitely worth bookmarking!

Oh Lovely Day blog : A great DIY, economical, yellow-themed, summer wedding

In the bride's own words:

We wanted to have a pretty laid back wedding where people could feel comfortable and where we could invite all of our friends and family and not exclude anyone. I made the pictures on the centerpieces, the goody bag tags, the card box sign, my aunt made the ring bearer pillow and my hubby made the programs and the save-the-date's. We got our invites from, we bought our burlap goody bags online and put salt water taffy inside, which we also got online at We got the tins for our centerpieces at Shinoda in Coasta Mesa. Our florist, Kyndra Frank, who is one of my mom's good friends, did all of the florals.... [full story..]

Oh Lovely Day blog : A great DIY, economical, yellow-themed, summer wedding

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