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Romona Keveza : Luxe Red Carpet Collection

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"Timeless yet modern with 'architectural preciseness' of clean, simple lines"..

Want to look like an A-list celebrity and feel like one too? Some of the hottest bridal gown designers also offer exquisite formal and evening wear creations.. case in point, New York designer, Romona Keveza.

Whether you are looking for a fabulous mother-of-the-bride outfit, incredible bridesmaids dresses or are thinking of changing into an evening gown after your ceremony, a Romona Keveza's creation is an excellent choice.

Her inspiration? Celebrities and fashion icons of the past. Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy have all inspired the designer's elegant creations.

Her designs? Timeless yet modern with architectural preciseness of clean, simple lines..

Interesting fact? She is Canadian!!! She is now New York based but she was born in London, Ontario..

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Exclussive Canadian Retailer : Blush Bridal (West Vancouver)

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