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Gorgeous by Georgia: Tips for Brighter Eyes for Your Wedding Day

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Hey, isn't this Kate Beckinsale? Gorgeous!

For Puffiness

For all you damsels in distress over excess "baggage" under the eyes, here are a few tricks that will increase circulation and decrease the puff:

  1. Try ice cubes, cucumber slices or a really cold water splash. These are old school favourites that really do work.



    • Wrap the ice cube in a face cloth and gently placing it over the eye area for a few minutes.
    • Or, you can apply cold cucumber slices over the eyes and have a little shut eye for 15 minutes.
    • The fastest and easiest solution, however, is splashing your eye area with very cold water; it really does work.
    The cooling effects of any of these methods work to reduce puffiness. You an even try them all if you've got the time!
  2. Another method is tapping and rolling on an eye gel with your finger.



    Keep it in the fridge; the colder it is the more it will shrink puffiness.
  3. You can also try a concealer that is slightly deeper than your skin tone over the eye bag and one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone in the "fold" under the eye bag. Why? This will reduce the size and depth of the eye bag.


    Apply lightly and set with translucent powder. Avoid concealers that are much lighter than your skin tone if you are troubled by puffiness as light colours will only highlight the problem.
    img: "Estee Lauder's Ideal Light Brush On Illuminator" on I Wear Flats!

For Tired looking eyes

from: "How to Conceal Dark Circles" on Beautiful with Brains :-)

For brides who find they look a little rough around the edges the morning of their wedding, there is a simple method to hide the effects of a late or sleepless night.

  1. Try a little peachy pink concealer in the inner corners and at the outer edges to disguise any blue that's peeking through, then add a little pink concealer on the lids to further brighten.


    A couple of eye drops wouldn't hurt either.
    You can also apply an ivory coloured concealer pencil on your waterline which will take away redness. Avoid white as it is not natural looking in person.
  2. Another trick is to apply some champagne coloured loose shimmer powder to the inner eye area and the centre of your eyelids to open up and brighten the eyes a little more.


    You can opt to use a liquid light weight concealer formula to create the illusion of brightness if your circles aren't too dark but for severe discolouration a more opaque cream based concealer works better.

Georgia Spyra, Makeup Artist Georgia Spyra is an accredited, award-winning makeup artist with over 16 years experience in the beauty industry. She was voted one of Canada's top-20 makeup artists and one of Canada's Top-5 bridal makeup artists; she was featured in Elle Magazine as top Canadian make up and beauty expert. She is a make over artist for Life Network Platform; a make up artist/educator for Canadian Make Up Show and Kryolan Cosmetics; as well as a make up designer for many fashion shows, music videos and Television shows, like CBC News and Relic Hunter.

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