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Wedding Trends and Traditions: Rice, Confetti & Alternatives

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photo: Carlton Adkins Wedding Photography

The tradition of throwing rice at the bride and groom after their wedding ceremony can be traced back to ancient times. Throwing anything from old sandals (!) to rice has meant different things to different cultures from saying good bye to bachelorhood to taking on the new responsibility of caring for a wife and of course, to wishing the couple good luck and fertility.

Nowadays, we still enjoy "showering" the couple as the exit their ceremony but throwing rice has been replaced by many new and creative ways to pass along our good wishes. Here are some examples of modern ways to celebrate the newlyweds without hammering them in the head with grains of rice...

The "Green" Alternatives

Plantable (contains seeds) heart-shaped confetti
from Beaucoup

  • birdseed: it kind of looks like rice but the birds will get a treat once your wedding is over and they'll also handle the clean up!
  • bio-degradable flower petals: flowers just make everything beautiful.
  • plantable seed paper confetti: give back to the world by letting your wedding "grow" from this day forward! (no pun intended :)

Preserved Rose Petals from WeddingSTAR

The "Fun" Alternatives

photo: Sakura Photography, Vancouver

  • blowing bubbles: a fun, easy way to create a focal point around the couple without any mess afterwards!
  • wedding bells: MAKE SOME NOISE!!!
  • Cymbals: MAKE MORE NOISE!!! Your guests will have lots of fun clicking and clanking you all the way to your get away vehicle!

Wedding Bells!
from a great irish traditions article on Flyaway Bride

The "Creative" Alternative

idea: Tamryn Kirby's wedding idea blog

  • Paper planes: a great DIY project but make sure they can fly!
  • Pom poms: you can get creative with lots of different bright coloured pom poms. Plus, they are super easy to clean up afterwards!
  • Streamers or ribbons: choose multicolour ribbons for more effect. They make a great photo op with colourful ribbons streaming toward the newlyweds.

Acrylic pom-pom "toss balls"
idea from Calligrapher's Jessica Lynn's Tying the Knot blog

"Jumbo" multi-coloured streamers from Etsy

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