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Engagement Photography Idea: Movie Themes!

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Star Wars, Jedi vs Sith, engagement photography idea

Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith?
By Michael James Photography, California

Planning your engagement photography (e-session)? Can't decide how best to describe your relationship to the world? Why not portray your feelings with a little help from your favourite movie?
Be creative and have some fun. A movie-themed engagement photo shoot will speak volumes about you, the couple, and the love you share.

What will your engagement photograph say about you?

  1. Bonnie & Clyde: Mischievous and Bold

    Bonnie & Clyde : movie themed engagement photo ideaBonnie & Clyde : movie themed engagement photo idea

    Agnes & Dmitry from Uxbridge, Ontario
    photos: Serge from Photografika, Scarborough

  1. The Notebook: Traditional and Romantic

    Themed engagement photo shoot idea: The Notebook movie / filmThemed engagement photo shoot idea: The Notebook movie / film

    Cindy & Jean-Nicola, Chertsey, QC
    photos: Blushing Bride Studio, Montreal
    (click photos for full story)

  2. Braveheart: Strong and United

    Movie-Themed Engagement photo shoot : Braveheart

    Mike & Amy
    Photos : Paparazzi Photography, Calgary

  3. Lois & Clarke from Superman: Powerful and Fearless

    Themed Engagement photography: film : supermanThemed Engagement photography: movie : Lois & Clarke, superman

    Karnis & Alex
    Photos : Joy Marie Photography, Los Angeles

  4. Titanic: Steadfast and Loyal

    themed engagement photograps : movie titanic titanic movie engagement photo shoot toronto

    Meg & Adam
    Photos: Dave & Charlotte Lifestyle Photographers, Toronto

  5. 007 Bond, Jane Bond :-) Sexy and dangerous!

    Lames Bond /Bond Girl, 007, themed engagement photo shoot Movie theme engagement shoot Bond- Girl

    Janna & Josh
    photos: Serge from Photografika, Scarborough


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