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Winter Wedding Colour Trends 2013

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"Bold and Energetic"..

Bright & colorfull wedding decorations

photo :

Orange, green, blue, lime... getting married this winter of 2012/2013 offers many colour options for your wedding but what is the hot colour of the season?
Each and every year, Pantone (the design world's colour authority), issues its list for the year's top 10 colours. From that list, one usually is hailed the top overall colour of the year. For example, in 2012, tangerine orange was the hallmark colour that many a wedding theme was based on.

So.. what can we expect for 2013 weddings?

"A contrast between muted tones and bright, bold injections of colour" is the hottest trend for weddings in 2013. (how appropriately vague!). Shades of green, blue, red and yellow have made the Pantone list this year and we are predicting either a shade of blue or green will be the year's hallmark colour. Our feeling is that mint green will be the overall style maker of 2013.

But, if you are planning a winter wedding, you are in between the 2012 and 2013 wedding season. So, how do you choose which year's colours to use in your winter wedding planning?

Well, both bright colours like yellow and muted tones like lavender are on the list of top colour trends in 2013. Colours like orange, pewter and lilac were hot for 2012. So, to be on the cutting edge of what's fashionable this winter, try combining different colours to see which combination would create a great look for your wedding décor. Work within the palette of popular colours for both years and experiment with different options till you get it just right.


When in doubt, just go with your favourite wedding colour and punch it up with a contrasting accent colour to keep your look in pace with what's in style in the 2012-2013 wedding season.

Our take: Winter 2013's Wedding Colour Combinations

Orange and Dark Chocolate

orange and chocolate colors for a weinter wedding cake

Nicole & Matt's wedding
photo: Claire Cocheme Photography, Calgary

Can you feel the warmth? Pair up the summer's hottest colour with a warm indulgent dark chocolate and you are good to go. For added elegance, add a touch gold throughout. Or, to make it super current, add touches of mustard yellow. Now, this is a perfect winter combination!

orange wedding cupcakes

cupcakes : Oh Crumbs Cupcakes (UK)

Winter wedding colour cupcakes

cupcakes : Cake Glam, Toronto


bouquet : Nichè Event Stylists, Vancouver

Red Ribon chair decor for a winter wedding theme

idea : Dress Design Decor

Pewter and Green

Made-to-Order Sash from Etsy

This pairing is super modern. The hard, cold edge of pewter (titanium) with a deep, rich green is simply hot!

woddsy & stoney bridal bouquet: green & pewter

bouquet : Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne

photo : Cake Central

Pewter, pink, and lavender

Winter wedding colors : pink, green & pewter bridal flowers

photo: Troy & Aimee Grover (CA)

Yes, you heard correctly. Pair the edgy metal colour with muted, smoky pink and smoky lavender and you just created one of the coolest wedding combinations of the 2013 winter wedding season. The mixture of these muted tones is pure sophistication with a hint of vintage glam!

photo : Creative Coverings

Pink wedding card box

card box from Etsy

Gala wedding dress from Enzoani

Gala wedding dress from Enzoani

photo : Wink Photography, Vancouver

Royal blue and gold

photo: Royal Wedding Accessories

Gold is the quintessential colour of the holiday season and blue is both elegant and youthful but together they form a powerful pair. Use blue as the main colour and punch it up with muted honey gold to make your theme current.

Monogrammed, blue & gold wedding thank you card stationary

Monogrammed, blue & gold thank-you card from zazzle

Blue & Gold wedding stationary - thank you card, Canada

Thank-You Card by Weddingstar {online shop}

We love all these great combinations for many reasons: they are modern, fun, and quite unexpected. Be the boss of your own hot colour trend and don't be afraid to mix and match colours, both bold and muted. The result will be surprising to not only yourself but to your guests as well!!!

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