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First Glimpse! Romona Keveza Legends & Couture 2013

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"Drawing style elements from fashion icons such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, Romona's Legends collection for Fall 2103 was pure chic design"..

Romona Keveza 2013 Legends Collection

NY Bridal Week: Day #3

Lorna Paterson : Blush Bridal, Vera Wang, West Bancouver, Canada

Another day of fashion shows in NYC and it was on to Romona Keveza! Romona presented three collections, as always at market: her bridal Legends collection, her couture bridal collection, and her eveningwear collection. Today, our two Blush Bridal fashionistas, Lorna & Ashley will cover for us the two bridal collections. A lot of photos too! We collaged them together to show you everything!

The "Legends" Collection

It was another day of fashion shows in NYC for Blush buyers as they continued their spree with Romona Keveza. Arguably the most beautiful show at bridal market, year in and year out, it's impossible not to be moved by Romona's tremendous display of grace and glamour.

The Legends collection for Fall 2013 presented a vision of classic beauty. From her delicate Swarovski accents to her signature crystal lace and sculpted silk shantung taffeta, these gowns are already poised to be timeless beauties. We loved that Romona continued her play with necklines- offering us everything from tiny cap sleeves that show just the right amount of skin, to illusion sweethearts and gentle scoops that open and frame the shoulders. Nothing here was overworked. Drawing style elements from fashion icons such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, Romona's Legends collection for Fall 2103 was pure chic design.

For those who believe themselves to *be* the next style icon, they need look no further than Romona Keveza's Couture bridal collection! This newest season saw Romona continue her vision for fashion-forward brides with sexy and charming looks that fused her affinity for daring evening wear and dramatic bridal. We were left breathless by the soft and feminine hand she brought to Fall 2013 as she combined gentle and sometimes voluminous draping with luxurious fabrics such as silk charmeuse, silk chiffon and metallic lace.

Our greatest surprise (and biggest love!) was her tea-length dresses!! We couldn't decide if we wanted to waltz down the aisle in a fantastic pair of shoes, or kick up our heels and dance the night away!! These gowns spoke to the fashionista we all wish to be, and only a few of us dare to become on our wedding day. Wow!


The Couture Line

Romona Keveza Couture Bridal 2013

What is Available in Canada & Where?

Check out Roman Kaveza Legends and Roman Keveza Couture in the Gown Gallery. Those are the dresses available in Canada right now. We will be adding the 2013s, as they reach the stores.

photos: Lorna Paterson, Blush Bridal, West Vancouver ~ THANK YOU!

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