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An "Interactive Dance Floor" for your Wedding Reception?

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A Very Cool and Totally Original Idea!

Definitely one of those you have to see it to believe things. Actually, you have to see it to understand it; when someone tried to describe it, it seemed impossible, lol.. In any case, if this doesn't dazzle your wedding guests, nothing ever will! So very romantic too..
So here is a video:

Interactive Flower Floor from PO-MO Inc.

  • You can make the flowers part for you,
  • You can make the flowers spring from under your feet..
  • .. not sure what else is possible; I wonder if you can probably order a "custom floor"?
  • You will need is a projector, a computer, and a web camera but the software if free and this particluar "scene" costs only $15.
    Details: on the (Winnipeg-based) Po-Motion website.

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