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Real Weddings: Sasha & Anton, an Urban Fairytale!

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Sasha & Anton: An Urban Fairytale!

"the perfect blend of urban chic and old world, Russian traditions"..

Sasha & Anton' s urban-chic yer Russian wedding: formal photos at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

A contemporary, cutting edge reception venue in one of Canada's most beautiful cities coupled with the rich symbolism of Russian tradition creates the perfect blend of urban chic and old world charm for Sasha and Anton's special day.

Sasha and Anton successfully incorporated the natural beauty of Vancouver with its stunning modern architecture into their wedding day, all while respecting their cultural background.

Here's how they did it:

The Fashion

The bride made her entrance with a gorgeous, modern Monique Lhuillier gown from Vancouver's Bisou Bridal while her attendants dazzled guests in their beautiful purple bridesmaids' gowns from After Five Fashion.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was held in a traditional Russian Orthodox church and kept the cultural aspect of the day in check with a service that was steeped in tradition as the bride and groom were crowned King and Queen of their household. With family and friends on hand to witness the lavish ceremony, the bride and groom took their first steps as husband and wife around the altar.

Traditional Russian Orthodox church, in Vancouver

The Photo Ops

With the formalities done, it was off to nearby Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver where the couple and their attendants took some nature and art inspired wedding shots at one of the city's most popular destinations both for its grand city views and for its gorgeous landscaping.

Vancouvers most popular formal wedding photo location: Queen Elizabeth Park

From there, the bride and groom took their group to Vancouver's ultra trendy Granville Island for more wedding photography, this time combining nature with a more urban feel.

world famouse locale for your wedding photos: Granville SiSland, Vancouver

The Party

The bride and groom's choice of reception venue allows nature and urbanism to collide once more. The UBC Boathouse's modern and impressive glass and steel architecture looks stunning on the banks of the Fraser River.

One of the most modern wedding reception venues in Vancouver: the UBC Boathouse on the Fraser River

The Traditions

Here, Russian tradition was present once more when the bride and groom were presented with a Karavai bread along with an embroidered fabric. This special bread symbolizes wealth and prosperity in the family. It is said that whoever bites off the biggest piece of the bread at the wedding, will end up being the "boss" in the family :-)

traditional Russian Karavai wedding cake

The fabric the bread is presented with is called "rushnik" and it represents the family's unity and protects against envy and rumours.

Sasha and Anton respected their cultural background and added many important traditions to their wedding while showcasing their modern, urban lifestyle in Vancouver. But in the end, it was all about the party! Lots of traditional Russian and European food, plus drinks and dancing made this urban fairytale complete.


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