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2012 Fashion Flash: The Rivini Collection

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"modern gowns in fluid silhouettes"..

Rivini: Yasmine 2011 wedding gown


Fashion Update!

A great young designer is making a splash in the wedding world with her contemporary and chic bridal gowns. Designed and made in Canada, Rita Vinieris' Rivini Collection offers a modern approach to bridal fashion with her subtle detailing.

Rivini: Claudia 2011-2011 bridal gown


We love her modern gowns in fluid silhouettes made of silk, satin, crepe, chiffon and organza. The collection includes a variety of couture techniques while subtle finishing touches complete the look. Understated beading and sheer panels of fabric are just some of the details Rivini offers.

Rivini Simona wedding dress (2011-2012)

Rivini Camelia wedding dress (2011-2012)

"Simmona" & "Camelia"

Where to Find Rivini??


Cielo, 2011-2012 wedding dress by Rivini


Yvonne by Rivini, 2011 wedding gown


Accessories too!

To top off these fabulous looks, Rita Vinieris also designs a unique line of bridal accessories.

Bridal accessories by Rita Vinieris (Rivini)

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