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Do you have your Wedding Day Emergencies Kit?

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"How many days left? Do you have everything you need?
Are you sure?"..

Attention all Brides!!!

How many days left till the big day!? Do you have everything you need? Are you sure? Hope you haven't forgotten about your 'Wedding Day Emergency Kit'! Something might now work out the way you planned, therefore be prepared for something to go wrong! Solution? Having everything you need on the big day!

We have put together all the emergency items you might need on your wedding day! We guarantee that you will at least use two of them!


Ask one of your bridesmaids to put a little "Bridal 911" kit together for you! Feel free to print the cheat sheet below and hand it to her!

The items on the list:

  1. Extra earring backings
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Tylenol or Advil
  4. Tide to go pen for any spills, or chalk!
  5. Lip gloss
  6. Clear Nail polish
  7. Emergency Chocolate
  8. Mini Hairspray
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. Q-tips
  11. Sewing Kit
  12. Razor
  13. Hand/Body Lotion
  14. Coffee time out
  15. Safety Pins
  16. Breath mints (try to stay away from gum, for so many reasons)
  17. Tooth Brush and paste!
  18. Heel Cushions and Band-Aids
  19. Dental floss
  20. Snack- nuts or granola bars
  21. Lots of water
  22. Lash glue
  23. Curling iron (mini)
  24. Straightening iron (mini)
  25. Pepto-Bismol or Tums
  26. Lighter
  27. Double sided tape
  28. Nail file
  29. Tweezers
  30. Umbrella
  31. Deodorant
  32. Tissue
  33. Mirror
  34. Pen
  35. Note pad
  36. Tampons/Pantie Liner
  37. Batteries
  38. Nail glue
  39. Your favorite Fragrance
  40. Refreshing Body Spray

Feeling Lazy? No Time?

No problem! Get a ready-made survival kit. Like this one, from Frit-Fru Weddings

Wedding Day Survival Kit by Frit Fru Weddings

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