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Wedding Day Fashion: Every Moment Counts!

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Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life! You have to make every moment count! Being ready for each one of these "moments" of your day will make the day go by smoothly! From the moment your wake up... till the moment you say your vows.. to the moment it's all done and you're on the plane to your honeymoon destination.

First things, first! The morning is the kick start to your big day. Have everything that you need so you can relax and feel like a queen. Some of my favourite things on the wedding morning are: a comfy robe to make it easy transform from "getting ready" mode to "getting in your dress" without messing up your hair or your makeup. A lovely cup from Tiffany's will give you an extra special glam to your coffee or tea, and become a memorabilia from your wedding day. Make sure you remember your signature perfume and body creams. Lovely slippers will cozy your feet while you're relaxing in the makeup chair! During these moments make yourself feel pampered, spoil your self with your most important morning accessories!

The next steps in your day, include the breath-taking moment of finally putting on your wedding gown! Your individual style might include spectacular earrings, bracelet or a necklace. Choose pieces that complement your dress and bring the maximum "wow" factor to your wedding day look! Don't be afraid to add some flair to your wedding shoes; try fun colours such as blues, pinks or even black! There are no rules, and you definitely don't need to stick with the classic ivory or white pumps!

If you want to feel more comfortable later on in the day, change into a fun cocktail wedding dress! A change of comfortable flats and some body spritz will keep you going to the wee hours of the morning! Don't forget to keep dancing the night away!!

If you are leaving for your honeymoon the night of your wedding be sure to pre-pack something practical to wear on the plane! Have a large carry on ready with necessities such as makeup, a book, your ipod and a blanket! Add some extra wedding style with tiffany blue passport covers and luggage bags! Let everyone around you know that you are a new WIFE and headed on your honeymoon!

While you are on your honeymoon, be sure to relax and forget about all the wedding bills at home! Bask in the sun and cuddle up to your husband on the sand! It's your time now! Be sure to pack cute white summer dresses, white bathing suits, sandals and sunglasses! Carry the white bride look into your honeymoon!

~ Story : Monika Hibbs

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