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Decor 101: Feathers, Pt II: Tips from an Expert

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Margaret Woroszylo, from MW Flower Design in Scarborough, loves the feather look so much she has made it her specialty. Last week she noticed our Wedding Style Options: Feathers story and decided to send us some of her own thoughts and tips on the subject. THANKS!


Floral + Ostrich Feather Centrepieces

Ostrich feathers are beautiful addition to your wedding décor. They bring height, color and a unique wow-factor, but keep an aspiring romantic feel which never fails to impress. You can choose to

  • have a full ostrich feather centerpiece, or
  • simply add them to your existing flower centerpieces for additional effect.

Bridal Bouquets

There are many ways to add feathers to your bridal bouquets since they come in so many variations and lengths. Imagine a layer of feathers at the base of your bouquet or just a few placed delicately between the flowers.

Bridal bouquet with white roses and feathers

Floral + Ostrich Feather Bridal Bouquets
MW Flower Design, Scarborough


floral feather wedding boutonniere

feather + flower groom wedding boutonniere

MW Flower Design, Scarborough

Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich-feather wedding centerpieces

Ostrich Feathers in Centrepieces

Whether you decide to create or rent your ostrich feather centerpieces, you have to remember there are many different types of feathers and the price will vary accordingly. The most expensive are the ostrich wing feathers; however, they are the longest and fullest, creating fabulous centerpieces.

MW Flower Design, Scarborough

Ostrich-feathered compositions are not restricted to centerpieces. You can create fabulous arrangements for your escort card table or to adorn the head table.

MW Flower Design, Scarborough

Add Some Colour!

Playing with alternate colors can create either a fun or formal atmosphere, allowing the feather centerpiece lead the tone of your event.

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