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Adele Wechsler Eco Collection for 2011

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Adele Wechsler, 2011 bridal eco-couture

Are you looking for a Green wedding dress?

No, not the colour silly! But the fabric itself! You might want to think "Adele Wechsler". Wearing an eco wedding dress designed by canadian Adele Wechsler, means gowns made with sustainable fabrics, vegetable dyes, and fair trade labour! Makes you stop for a second and think, doesn't it!?

Adele Wechsler, 2011 bridal eco-couture

Adele infuses elements like organic hemp and silk, remnant fabrics and hand cut designs made in Toronto! The Canadian dress designer has just released her sixth Eco Couture wedding dress collection, as well as offering brides the additional finishing pieces of headpieces and bridesmaid dresses.

Her headpieces envelope the beauty of using dried flowers, bark, wheat grass, mushrooms and sea moss. Creating the most perfect "Mid Summer Night's Dream!

Plus Size too!

In 2011, Adele has launched her "plus size" collection, reaching out to ever bride!

~ Story : Monika Hibbs


Her main showroom is at 89 Bentworth Avenue, in Toronto. If you don't live nearby, contact them to discuss your options.

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