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Fashion Friday: The Magical Mana Mojaver

Posted At : April 15, 2011 12:59 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 6,566
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"an exquisite collection from a Canadian newcomer"..

Exploring "Touchlessness"..

Mana Mojaver's design goal is to realise the idea of being touchless. She strives to create pieces that will not require any additional touches or accessories.

With her lastest, bridal collection, she is working with special cuts in delicate Silk Devore, to simultaneously hold it still and retain its flexibility and waterfall-like movement.

We think you will agree with us that she has definitely succeeded.. Enjoy!

How to Contact Her

Mana's studio is located at #285 Manitoba Drive, Exhibition Place, in Toronto
On the web:

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