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DIY Spring Centrepiece Project: Vase Sleeves

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Diy wedding centerpiece idea

source: Good Housekeeping!

Here's something that's easy to do and that will add an extra-special splash of colour to each of your guest tables. (and help you save money by using "generic", simple vases)

A Pleated Vase-Sleeve

Make a simple, seasonal floral bouquet really pop, by placing a plain glass vase into a pleated vase sleeve made of a coordinating floral cotton fabric. How?
  1. Buy some cotton fabric of your colour and pattern choice (obviously something that matches your wedding decor theme)
  2. Also buy some fusible backing (something glue-able, ideally precoated, from the craft store), for stiffness and to keep the cut fabric from fraying.
  3. Iron the fabric onto the backing and press in folds.
  4. Snip the ends, if you like to create those points at the top.
  5. Cut small slits on each pleat to allow for a ribbon to wrap around your creation.
  6. Make a bow with your ribbon to complete the look.

Choose a fabric and pattern that will compliment both the size and colour of the flower and your creation is sure to be a winner!

Add some fresh flowers and cheap vases from the dollar-store and .. ta-daaa.. instant happy spring centrepieces! We love tulips because they come in a variety of colours and are readily available this time of year but, obviously, you can use any flower that you like!

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