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DIY Wedding Projects: Anastassia's Moneybox

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"I'm on a mission to achieve my vision by creating as many key elements with my own hands as possible"..

Do-It-Yourself wedding moneybox

We found this great DIY project on one of our wedding photographers' own blog. See, Anastassia, from B&N Photography in Missisauga is, herself, a bride-to-be, so she's busy blogging about both her work and her own wedding adventures at the same time :-) Must be busy!

Anastassia's DIY Wedding Moneybox

We 're going to let Anastassia describe her project. Full story and larger images on her B&N "Lifestyle" Blog.

Do-It-Yourself wedding projects: money box


Thanks to a vast variety of dollar and art supply stores I purchased this set of 6 boxes for just $20.00 and now can go nuts on ribbons and glitz without major guilt trip later on.


So moneybox... I definitely knew I needed one of those - I wouldn't want to give my guests wrong impression that friendly envelopes are not welcome! So I started hunting for one. The initial idea of course was to buy one simple white square box, possibly with some wedding related arrangement affixed on the side and forget about it. But then I came across few interesting ideas for unconventional moneybox and absolutely loved the "cake" look.


The idea is marvellous because it requires minimum of techincal work: simply cut out the bottoms from two top boxes (but make sure that the top box doesn't fall through), stack them on top of each other with some glue around the edges. As for the slot I cut out diagonal one on the top box, although it could be done on the side of the middle or bottom boxes as well. Make sure you leave enough space for big greeting cards to fit in the slot! Cutting out through the cardboard with unsteady hand and mediocre experience in arts & crafts leaves out ugly shredded looking edges - so I covered them up with mini pearls and it looks fabulous.

The Look

The last but not the least - box decoration! As you can see I just had a lot of fun with it, wasn't using any systematic or sensible approach when showering my box with glitter and pearls - I suggest you do the same and whoever sees it will love it anyway, because it's your wedding and nobody in their right mind would critique a bride!

DIY wedding moneybox - detail

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