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Real Wedding: Deanna & Bryant, by the Beach

Posted At : March 22, 2011 3:12 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 9,227
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Flowers by Bouquets Special Event Floral in Vancouver

Corinne Colledge, Associate Planner, DreamGroup Productions, VancouverWhen I first met with Deanna and Bryant I was blown away with how incredibly organized Deanna was. She was unlike any bride I had ever worked with and we developed an instant bond. She is incredibly poised and very meticulous, qualities that any planner could certainly appreciate!

The couple envisioned a traditional summer garden feel for their wedding, so it was no surprise that the Brock House Restaurant was chosen as the perfect backdrop at which to host the affair. After a gorgeous ocean front ceremony chaperoned by the bride and groom's adorable terrier, Winston, guests enjoyed cocktails in the garden while playing bocce and indulging in an incredible candy bar including two foot long pixie sticks.
~ Corinne Colledge

"a gorgeous ocean front ceremony chaperoned by the bride and groom's adorable terrier, Winston"..

The Brock House in Pt Grey

Decor supplied by Upright Decor Rentals & Design (Vancouver)

Cake by Sweet Thea Cakes in Surrey

Hair & Make-Up Bluelava Creative, Vancouver

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