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Valentine's Day Destinations: Celebrate Love!

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With the beginning of February upon us, the staff at is definitely feeling the touch of Cupid's arrow. And while you are all busy planning the most important day of your life, we are thinking of ways to remind you that love needs nourishing, especially during all the hectic wedding planning.
What did we come up with? A romantic getaway, of course!

"Our advice: Take a weekend off from the planning and enjoy some quite time with your honey."..

Here are a few fantastic Canadian getaways that will both relax and inspire you to keep the love fresh and exciting!

1. Ontario: Royal Resort

A relaxing getaway on scenic Balsam Lake in Ontario's Kawartha region. A Valentine's Day package here includes a romantic sleigh ride, chocolates, and champagne.

Royal Resort & Restaurant (Balsam Lake, Kawartha)

2. BC: A Vista Villa Bed & Barbecue

Spoil yourselves rotten in the breathtaking Okanagan Valley located in BC's interior. This luxurious bed and breakfast offers Jacuzzi suites plus a variety of indulgent treats to leave you feeling completely pampered.

A Vista Villa Bed & Barbecue, Kelowna BC

3. Ontario: The Norsemen Restaurant & Resort on Walker Lake

Offers rustic charm with cozy, secluded lakeside cottages on Walker Lake in Ontario's beautiful Muskoka region. Enjoy a Jacuzzi tub, wood burning stove and fabulous views of the lake.

The Norsemen Restaurant & Resort on Walker Lake

4. BC: Poets Cove Resort & Spa

Can you just smell the fresh ocean air.. Poets Cove, a Gulf Island favourite, couples the beauty of British Columbia's southern islands with fair weather and spectacular views. With a full service spa at your disposal, your island getaway will leave you feeling limber, relaxed and ready for the wedding planning ahead!

Poets Cove Resort & Spa, Pender Island, BC

These are just a few (from the "top of our head") of the many fantastic getaways we have available to us in Canada from coast to coast. To see more options, visit the directory. Or, if you have a favourite spot you like to visit with your significant other, please let us know!

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