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Unforgettable Wedding Photographs of 2010

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Light, Wind & Water...

Erin Wallis Photography, Campbell River, BC

J + C Photography, Burnaby, BC

Shandro Photo, Edmonton, AB

Best wedding photographs in Canada, 2010Remember those stiff, "formal" wedding photos from the 80's? Families, posing lined up in the park?
Then, the 90's marked the first great evolution: candids and black & whites, brought emotion into your wedding memories, laughs and tears and movement - experiencing the moments through the eyes of your guests.
Now, another small revolution is taking place in wedding photography: depth! (if that is the right word for it) More and more, the environement is becoming part of the photo, the wind, the waves, the clouds.. more than ever, you look at these pictures and you feel like "you were there"..

Selected among almost a thousand submissions, these finalists best illustrate the best in wedding photography for 2010. Click each photo, for a larger image - the full experience!

Lumen Wedding Photography (Dean Buscher), Vancouver, BC

Hélène Cyr, Victoria, BC

blfStudios, Winnipeg, MB

Carson Photography, Kelowna, BC

How did we pick these?

Besides the obvious artistic and minimum technical requirements (tecnique, composition, colours, creativity etc) what we ultimately looked for was (a) the simple "wow factor" - would the bride/couple frame a large format version of this photo and display it in their living-room? would it dazzle their quests? (b) the "wedding factor" - is this a great photo or a great wedding photo? Unfortunately this meant that some incredible photographs did not "make the cut", because they "could have been anywhere", not necessarily at a wedding... In short, we looked for the type of image that would make you want to do it all over again, even if you were already married :-)
A great many thanks to all our Facebook "fans" who voted on the shortlist and helped us select the finalists!

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