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Gorgeous by Georgia: How to Get the Perfect Brow

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"top tips to filling-in eyebrows like an expert"..
~ by Georgia Spyra

The Facts

  • Eye brows frame your face and account for 20% of facial expression.
  • Well shaped brows make you look younger while bad brows (you know the ones that look like hockey sticks, overgrown caterpillars or commas), well, they just make you look bad or like a fashion statement gone wrong!
  • An eyebrow that is too thin and round will make you look permanently surprised not to mention clown-like!
  • Downturned brows make you look sad and too straight brows give you an angry look.
  • Most of us girls will make the mistake of over tweezing our brows while trying to fix them, at least once or twice in our lifetimes.

The Tips

The trick to getting the brow right is usually a combination of tweezing and trimming and colour filling.

Filling the brow in is great because it is easily fixed if you make a mistake. Over-tweezing however, takes weeks to correct.

Useful: Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial on

  1. First, use a pencil in a light/medium colour and follow that up with brow powder: one in a light colour and one in a darker colour. (So if you're a dark blonde, that translates into a medium blond pencil and a light/medium blonde powder duo.) I really like Laura Mercier's brow products for colour range.
  2. Stroke the pencil lightly over any areas that are sparse or lack hair. You need a pencil if your brows are very sparse and/or if you want the colour to stay put throughout the day.
  3. Next, with an angle brush, stroke the lighter powder colour over the entire brow and the darker powder colour along the lower part of the brow from the inner eye to the arch and along the top half of the brow from the arch to the outer eye (at the temple).
    • Make sure to blend the colour into the hair with a brow comb.
    • This process will lift the eye up, and by using three colours, your brow will look natural and not drawn on.

Let a Pro Start you Off

Before you decide to pick up your tweezers and massacre your brows some more, consider visiting a makeup artist or brow specialist to get the perfect brow shape for your engagement photos and wedding day.

Why? A professional makeup artist will look at your face shape, age, eye shape and personality as a guide, and them trim and tweeze those babies into the right shape for you! They will also recommend the appropriate combination, brand and colour of products; pencils, powders or gels, to define and tame your brows.

After you've had your initial professional brow grooming session, you can tweeze stray hairs as they come in and fill as needed to retain the shape of your brows.


If you're religious about tweezing, you may not need another visit, or you may choose to visit a pro just a couple of times a year for maintenance.

Georgia Spyra, Makeup Artist Georgia Spyra is an accredited, award-winning makeup artist with over 16 years experience in the beauty industry. She was voted one of Canada's top-20 makeup artists and one of Canada's Top-5 bridal makeup artists; she was featured in Elle Magazine as top Canadian make up and beauty expert. She is a make over artist for Life Network Platform; a make up artist/educator for Canadian Make Up Show and Kryolan Cosmetics; as well as a make up designer for many fashion shows, music videos and Television shows, like CBC News and Relic Hunter.

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