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Christos 2011 Wedding Dresses
Vancouver & Toronto Fashion Shows

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"The Christos Bridal collection, under the creative direction of owner Amsale Aberra, has long been established as the couture collection for the classic romantic bride"..

Christos Bridal 2011: 'Grace' Wedding Dress

Classic Romance

The collection is known for its use of the finest silks, french laces and silk organzas, creating that distinct heirloom quality. Amsale uses Alencon Lace and point-de-Alencon; laces that have been produced in the French town of the same name since the sixteenth century.

Hollywood has also embraced the romantic and feminine Christos collection: Actresses Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, Uma Thurman in the Accidental Husband and Kate Hudson in My Best Friend's Girl all wore Christos bridal gowns.

Christos Bridal 2011: 'Zinnia' Wedding Dress

Upcoming "Trunk" Fashion Shows

  • Vancouver
    Blush Bridal, West Vancouver | January 29th & 30th.
    The complete Christos collection will be at Blush for this weekend only. A representative from Christos will also be on hand to answer questions and give couture advice.
    Call 604-925-3218 or email bridal[at] to book your appointment.

  • Toronto
    Pearl Bridal House, Mississauga | January 21st and 22nd.
    All the gowns will actually be on-sale and a stylist will work with you on-site.
    Call 905-278-5407 or email heallo[at] to book your appointment.
Christos Bridal 2011: 'Camilla' Wedding Dress

Christos Bridal 2011: 'Lorena' Wedding Dress

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