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Girls, Share this with your Guys..

The men in the office have been conspiring! They seem to think that bridal fashion, décor and makeup will somehow fail to engage your fiancé (no pun intended!). They're dreaming and scheming of a - Guyville! They do have a point though... there is hardly anything available online for the groom - in Canada, anyway..

Groom, best man and ring-bearer

Our favourite "guys"!
© TTL Weddings, Vancouver :-)

Well, here is some of what they've been sourcing out, to help Canadian grooms get enthused about this whole "wedding business"..

1. Groom's Stand | Canada

Step #1 in the testosterone conspiracy has been to get as much "wedding guy-stuff" as possible available online. See, buying stuff is easy (and fun?) and a good place to start - and there are some definite wedding items that the groom needs to select himself. Namely: the traditional gifts for the groomsmen and the best man. And (it probably wouldn't hurt!) something for the father-of-the-bride as well. But the options are rather limited (basically "non existent") for Canadians.

Personalised groomsmen gifts - Canada, 2010-2011

Some gift ideas for your groomsmen..

So the guys got a hold of the best web-store of its kind (California-based and talked them into creating a Canadian version of their website - basically it will only show items actually available for shipment to Canada and it will also default to Canadian shipping rates. They registered the .ca web domain for this, so make sure you go to GroomStand.CA (not .com), in order to see the right items and the correct shipping rates.

Gifts for the best man: weddings in Canada, 2010, 2011

.. the best man ..

Free Personalisation

Ther best part of Groomstand (other than their long and varied product list) is that they offer free personalisation - so you can engrave/etch/print whatever you need on the gifts (names, dates, your favourite hockey team!) for no added cost. Too, if you 're buying multiple items, their website makes it very easy to specify a different name (or whatever) for each item - they do not all have to be the same..

Personalized gifts for the father of the bride or groom

.. or the father of the bride (or groom!) ..

2. Some Stress-Relief for the Groom: Resources

"And the Canadian Groom of the Year award goes to..."
amazing shot, by Mark Ridout in Lindsay ON (near Kingston)

Some "groom-friendly" aspects of wedding planning

© Tobyn Ross Photography, Vancouver

3. Inspirational, Motivational & FUN

Favourite Photos

These should get you in the mood and get you thinking of some possibilities..

Trash-the-Dress, guy-style! A Canadian Wedding Party! (this photo needs a caption!) 'The Ice-man Cometh'?? One of the Best Photos of 2009 Go Flames! Huh?? Engagement Photo Idea #1

Favourite Products

Hockey stuff! In this case, personalised locker-room photos, adding your best man's name on the jersey of his favourite team? (all NHL teams available, no room here for more photos, sorry if we skipped yours!) Different versions and styles, framed, printed on canvas &tc.

Personalized beer mugs, pub signs, bar glasses : for the groomsmen

Beer/bar/pub stuff! Get your wedding specifics and each groomsman/usher's name on each one and you're done. What's more, you can use them together in the future - the gift that keeps on giving :-)

Gear.. whether you camp-out a lot or not, these are always handy and will be around fore a very long time..

What Else??

You Tell Us! We want to make a "sequel" to this guide, this one dedicated to "fashion". You know, tuxedos and formalwear. But we feel that is a story on its own.. (plus, we 'll need a professional to write it - or the advice will be coming by a bunch of computer guys in an internet office, lol..)

By general agreement, we will actually skip discussing bachelor parties for now. Too much pressure from "above"..

But, if there is anything else you would like us to research, or any specific stress-factors you 'd like us to have some expert explain with an article, please let us know!

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