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Winter Weddings 101: Some First Considerations and Ideas

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White winter wedding bride, snow, fur

photo: Digital Arts Photography, WA

Are you planning a winter wedding or dreaming of a wedding in a winter wonderland? If so, you have a number of things to consider and plan for that a spring or summer bride doesn't.

1. Weather

Besides the (obvious!) fashion considerations, planning a wedding around colder (freezing?) weather, means making some additional arrangements, like:
  • coat check: your guests will be arriving dressed for the weather and that will undoubtedly mean heavy coats. Plan ahead and arrange for a proper coat check at the reception so that guests can relieve themselves of all that extra clothing and feel more comfortable right from the get go.
  • indoor photography: arrange with your photographer to have your photo session indoors. Choose a venue to reflect your style like, for example, an art gallery. Confirm with the location that you can have your photo shoot there and reserve the space well in advance if reservations are required.

Long, white, winter bridal wrap & coat


2. Atmosphere

Carry the feel of the season over into your wedding preparations from your attire to the décor.

White wedding reception

photo: Julie Gagnon, Montréal

    For example:
  • bridal wear: choose to wear a dramatic cloak or coat over your wedding gown. This will add not only drama to your appearance but will also bring home the fact that you really did plan for a winter wedding
  • .
  • décor: winter colours are usually darker and more dramatic than their spring or summer counterparts but if you really want to create a winter wedding wonderland, have your décor done all in white. From the flowers, to the linens, an all white wedding is classic elegance at its very best. White chair covers, little white lights on tall bare white washed trees in a candle lit ballroom all work together to create a wintery ambience.


If your venue is already decked out for the season, see if you can use some of their existing decorations as part of your wedding décor.

Indoor winter wonderland wedding reception

Gorgeous! (found on: Polkadot Bride)

3. Food & Drink

Don't forget to keep the winter feel going when planning the menu. Winter menus always include heavier fare than spring or summer ones. So, work with your caterer to come up with something fabulous and filling for your guests.

  • food: roasts with seasonal vegetables are always a good hearty choice. Always try to include seasonal fare when choosing the menu to keep with the overall theme. Including soups in the appetizers and warm dessert items are always a good choice as well.
  • drinks: have a coffee bar set up where guests can mingle over flavoured coffees in attractive mugs (not a cup and saucer). Give guests the option to "spice" up their drink with a liqueur.


Steaming cups of hot chocolate or aromatic teas would be a fantastic addition to your coffee bar as well.

His & hers hot chocolate wedding toasting mugs

Although a winter wedding poses a variety of planning questions and concerns, the end result can be a warm, elegant affair full of cozy extras that will surprise and excite both you and your guests.

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