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Wedding Décor: Vases 101

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Beautiful vases with organge roses

© Decor8 Events & Rentals, Calgary

Vases are a perfect décor accessory. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used on table tops, or to frame a doorway, the altar or the aisle itself. They are very versatile and work great with floral arrangements, candles, and even marbles or rocks.
How you choose to display them and what you put in them depends greatly on the look you are trying to achieve.

Glass vase wedding centrepieces

glass vases from Canexcel Glass, Mississauga

Types of Vases

  • Flute

    The flute or trumpet vase is a slender vase that gets slightly wider at the top. Often its lip curves around the top for added appeal. These vases are very popular choices for weddings and are great for achieving a tall-looking centerpiece.

    Flute-shaped vase

    vase: Canexcel Glass, Mississauga


    Fill the vase with petals or coloured stones and put a flat plate on the very top. Put your floral arrangement on top of the plate. The result is a unique "tall" centerpiece.

    Various ideas for wedding centrepieces with flute-shaped glass vases

  • Eiffel tower

    These tall slender vases are excellent for large, elegant, centrepieces that can be filled with tall stemmed flowers, like orchids, or other tall items, like ostrich feathers, to create a palm tree effect. Unlike the trumpet, these vases don't have a curved lip and don't widen at the top.

    tall square tower glass vases

    vases: Canexcel Glass, Mississauga


    Place a small LED light (in a colour of your choice) at the bottom of this vase to give a soft glow to the entire arrangement.

    Wedding centerpieces: illuminated tall vases


  • Square

    The small square vase is very modern and has a very urban appeal. Match these with short stemmed compact floral arrangements and your vase will be chic and pretty! Anything from a single hydrangea stem to a series of tightly packed short stemmed roses look great in these vases.

    Short, square, urban glass vases

    vases: Canexcel Glass, Mississauga

    square, glass, floral wedding centerpieces

    William Thomas Green Florist, Vancouver


    Wrap each vase with a thick satin ribbon or decorative beads for a more formal look, especially during the winter holidays.

    Square glass wedding centerpiece

    Divine Weddings Rentals, Brantford ON

    bead-adorned vases

    idea, vases: Canexcel Glass, Mississauga

  • Round

    Round vases come in a variety of sizes from the short and stout to the medium tall oval shaped. The short stout vases are excellent for use with floating or votive candles whereas the taller oval shaped ones are great for full bodied floral bouquets. Sunflowers, daisies, hydrangeas and orchids are all great choices.

    Short round vases: wedding centrepieces idea

    from: Canexcel Glass, Mississauga


    Big, round, bowl vases are excellent for "seasonal" centerpieces. In the summer, you can use these vases like fish bowls and have two gold fish swimming in each one. A great winter centerpiece example would be one where you would place lots of decorative ornaments in each bowl with gold or red beads draped amongst the ornaments.

    Bell-shaped vase, with candle wedding centerpiece

    Tall glass floral wedding centrepiece

    vases, photos: Canexcel Glass, Mississauga

Things to Consider

Vases as Centrepieces

For your centerpieces, you can choose small or large vases in clear or coloured glass to accentuate your particular wedding décor. Things to conisider:

  • Table size: large round tables work with any size vases. Long tables require three to four small to medium sized vases.

    Multiple short square vases centrepiece a long wedding table

    Mirage Floral, Laval

  • Centerpiece height: consider the height of the overall centerpiece, including flowers, when choosing a vase. Remember that a centerpiece that will block guests' view of those across the table from them will make conversation very difficult and the evening less enjoyable. (also read this)

    Tall wedding centerpieces

    These eiffel tower vases are high enough that no one's view is obstructed by the arrangement.
    décor: Main Florist Inc., Montréal

  • Vase colour: when deciding on vases choose coloured vases only if they compliment the flowers you are planning to use. For example, yellow, green, red, blue and gold work well in any combination but patterned vases work best with neutral flowers. When in doubt, choose clear vases as they will go with anything.

    wedding colors: purple glass vases

    from: Canexcel Glass, Mississauga


    For added effect, alternate different sized and shaped vases amongst the tables.

Vases as ceremony decor

short floral vases: wedding ceremony decor

décor: Katsura Designs, Surrey / Vancouver

Tall glass vases for the wedding ceremony aisle

by Simply Elegant Decorations, Calgary

Stylish vases make excellent décor options for the ceremony location. Where should you use them?
  • Ceremony entrance: choose two large vases with tall flowers to frame the entrance of the ceremony. Here you can use square vases for a more modern effect. Rounded or pedestal vases offer a more classic and romantic look. Place the vases on either side of the entrance as a frame for the doorway or to announce the beginning of the aisle in an outdoor ceremony.
  • Aisle décor: small square vases with short stemmed flowers are an excellent way to frame the aisle. Place the vases on either side of the aisle runner and have them run the full length of the aisle. If budget is a concern, place vases on either side of the aisle on the chairs or pews nearest the "altar" only.
  • "Altar" décor: since the bride and groom and the "I do's" are the focal point of the ceremony, framing the altar with decorative vases is always an attractive idea. In this case, use medium tall vases on either side of the bride and groom. Make sure to use flowers or materials that suit the overall wedding theme and try to make the vases compliment the bride and groom, not overwhelm them.


These arrangements can later be taken to the reception to frame the head table or to be used on the gift or guest signing tables.

wedding flowers & decor

Great example of an arrangement that can be used at the ceremony entrance or by the altar and at the reception..
How Sweet, Calgary

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