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Before & After: Wedding Photo Touch-ups to the Rescue!

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"Perfect" is exactly what you want, isn't it?

Perfect wedding photo: digital post production by Mittens Photography Inc., Kingston, Ontario

Linda, looking perfect!
(photo & editing: Mittens Photography Inc., Kingston)

"more often than not, the summer weather, the heat, the humidity and the natural anxiety can get to you"..

Once the big day is over, your wedding will be remembered through your photographs (and, perhaps, by the food served! lol). But, try and plan and prepare as you may, more often than not, the summer weather, the heat, the humidity and the mounting anxiety can get to you. Yes, you will look your "best" - but this just may be almost-but-not-quite perfect! Yet "perfect" is exactly what you want, isn't it? Especially, for that life-size portrait your parents will display on the fireplace mantle :-)

Wedding photo before & after, digital editing

The Joys of Digital Post-Production

Fret not! Professional models and the fashion industry have been "cheating" for years. You didn't think they can look that good, every time, did you? It used to be called "air-brushing"; now it is simply called "photoshop-ing". Anyone can do it (if you have the software) and an image professional can do it best. (another good reason to seriously consider not DIY-ing your wedding photos)

Indian bride, wedding photo, before-after

Indian bride, wedding photo, before-after

photos & digital post-production: Mittens Photography Inc., Kingston

TIP (from Mittens Photo)

Not all makeup artists are created equal. It's very important to the photographer to have an MUA who understands how makeup will photograph and not use makeup products with metallic additives. That kind of makeup will reflect and create hot spots on the bride's face with flash photographs.

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