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Precious Details: Creating your Wedding Theme

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Total wedding theme coordination: Invitations, decor, fashion

photo & stationary: Precious Invitations

Coordinating Wedding Invitations, Décor & Fashion

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this gallery must be worth.. a whole wedding! We found it quite by accident, browsing through the superb web-store of Mississauga-based Precious Invitations. (great website by the way: easy, functional, lots of choices and customisation features - very impressive; easily one of the best Canadian wedding invitation websites we've ever seen).

In any case, did we ever strike gold with this one! This amazing sequence of real-life examples (in their "current projects" gallery - stunning images too) is a veritable tutorial on how to create a beautiful, consistent & memorable wedding theme, by coordinating all the various details: the accents on the stationary and the décor, the colors of the cake and the flowers, the trim the bridesmaids dresses, the shoes, the linen...

Allison Phillis Carla Dawn Jackie Jen Leslie Mildred Stephanie Steve Supipi Suzanne Tania Tanya Tina Vicki

Very very impressive! Kudos to Precious Invitations. Take your time (make a cup of tea?), click the thumbnails above and start making notes :-) Enjoy the weekend!

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