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Easy DIY Centrepiece Idea: Decorative Boxes

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Easy-to-make, decorative boxes, as a DIY wedding centerpiece project

Finding something appropriate to place in the centre of each table that is not only attractive but also economical can strain the imagination and prove to be quite the daunting task.

One great idea for do-it-yourself centrepieces that is both easy and inexpensive is the decorative box display.


  • Purchase small boxes in a variety of sizes from your local craft store or, plan ahead by saving old boxes. Small shipping boxes or gift boxes are the best ones to save. Ask family and friends to hold on to all their old boxes too.
  • Next, you have to decide how you would like to decorate them. You can either purchase wrapping paper to match your overall theme or you can paint the boxes accordingly. Since most of your boxes will be in varying sizes, you don't have to worry too much about having absolutely everything matching. Actually, not matching all the boxes may have a more interesting final effect.
  • Once you have wrapped or painted your boxes, arrange them in a tower (making sure the smaller boxes are on top!) Wrap the whole creation with a large ribbon to complete the look.

real wedding, box centerpiece


Larger boxes can be used alone on a table. Just decorate them enough so that they need no accompanying décor.

Nice and Simple DIY wedding centerpiece: white box with flowers


Instead of creating a tower, you can arrange your boxes as a collection in the centre of the table without a ribbon connecting them. Wrap each individual box with its own ribbon. Mix and match the colours and textures of the ribbon to add more depth to your creation.

Combination colored gift boxes, as a wedding centerpiece



Add a silk flower to each box for added décor. Gerber daisies are an excellent choice as they are not only colourful but sit fairly flat and are quite large.

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