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Beautiful Bride! Kristina, in the Rockies

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Beautiful Canadian Bride: Kristina, in the Rockie Mountains (Kyla Mae Wedding Photography, Calgary, Alberta)

Bride: Kristina RD
Location: Banff
Photography: Kyla May of K.Mae Photography, Calgary
Gown: Kyla Mae! (read below)
Hairstyle: Kyla Mae! (read below)
Makeup: Kyla Mae! (read below)

A Post-Wedding, post-Trash-the-Dress, photo shoot

There is a very very interesting story behind this beautiful photograph. We are going to let the shooter, Kyla Mae, tell us how this came to be, exactly:

Kristina originally did her wedding photos with another photographer, a long time ago. But they were not quite happy with the pics, so we did a second, post-wedding, trash-the-dress fun shoot that was more their style (her and her hubby are both construction workers; so we did the non-traditional pics at a construction site!) Since we had pieces of the (trashed!) dress still remaining, we decided to follow up with yet another photo-shoot!

The Story Behind the Dress!

Beautiful canadian brides awardKristina is so much fun because she is ok with being adventurous. In her spare time she LOVES antiques and scrap booking. For a Trash-the-Dress session, I always offer a gown service - I will recreate a gown or provide them with one if they dont want to use their own. So I designed and constructed a dress that would suit this theme best: I got buttons and pins (embellishments off another dress I had used with her for yet another shoot!) and combined it with the "trashed" one.

I brought it up on the edges to reveal her legs and sexy pumps and made a Beauty and the Beast "Belle" designed draping in the front. And I wanted to make sure she was not cold (Banff; its just a little chilly!). And I wanted to create a rich shoulder design that would be a little different from other dresses you see out there.

So I had this sweater that had a swoop neck and the quarter length sleeves: I cut off the neck, sewed it to the bust area and made a "Frauline" German-kind of style around the neckline. At least that is my best way of doing it. And I made a bow-tail at the back with the rest of the sweater material and a bow out of the satin skirt.

Beautiful Canadian Bride: Kristina, in the Rockie Mountains (Kyla Mae Wedding Photography, Banff, Alberta)

photo (+dress, + hair & makeup): K.Mae Photography, Calgary


I created a bouquet to match. Initially, I added a bush of matching magazine ad-leafs around the base of the bouquet, to create that scrap-booking feel. But afterwards we took it off, because we ended up getting her to throw the bouquet petals in the air.

Her hair, I did as well. The foliage is potted plant flowers because they are so much stronger for pinning and I also provided the jewlery.

I have quite a few people doing Trash-the-Dress shoots and I LOVE it - because I always make Brides happy :) ~ Kyla

Beautiful Canadian Bride: Kristina, in Banff (Kyla Mae Wedding Photography, Calgary, Alberta)

(*) Our Beautiful Bride! Series

Great photographs of real Canadian brides, exemplifying "bridal beauty": style, grace, poise and emotion; a picture-perfect image for a picture-perfect day!

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