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Wedding Planning 101 Course (Vancouver)

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This is very interesting..

DreamGroup wedding planning course - VancouverThe ladies from DreamGroup (arguably one of the top wedding planning companies in Vancouver) sent us the following press release, about the next semester of their wedding planning 101 course. Granted, the course is geared towards training future wedding planners, but hey, if you 're getting married, you 're already planning a wedding, no? So, whether you want to launch a carrier in the biz, or you want to learn everything you could possibly need to know to plan your own dream wedding, this is worth a second look.

Vancouver, BC V6B 1C5 CANADA | 604.537.3575 | FAX: 604.630.8776

PRESS RELEASE (May 20, 2010)

DreamGroup Wedding Planning 101 Course

Become a wedding planner with the confidence to lead your clients through an efficient and informative wedding planning journey.

Semester begins August 9, 2010- Limited Seats Available

This course is unlike any other currently being offered in Vancouver and is geared at individuals who are not just looking into the possibility of a career as a wedding planner, but rather those who KNOW they want to be a wedding planner and learn from the best! Next term begins August 9, 2010 REGISTER NOW. Limited Seats Available

Visit our website under "dg academy" for more information:

TESTIMONIAL: Dear Sarah and Geneve, Now that the class is officially finished, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the last 12 weeks. I had first entered DreamGroup's Wedding 101 Class quite nervous as I didn't know what to expect. I guess I wondered why a successful wedding planning company would willingly and openly discuss and teach a class of eager to-be planners. I really wondered if I would get anything out of the class at all. As the weeks progressed, I come to see why DreamGroup Productions has grown in leaps and bounds over the past years. You both truly have a passion for what you do. Geneve, besides the astounding way you can talk wedding for three hours straight, I especially enjoyed the way you just had to get up to animate your stories, you really paint the picture and make the class fun. Sarah, you really helped make the "home wedding" less of a daunting task and your memory of names and dates is something else. Most of all, I was impressed that you both didn't just say that building relationships with clients and vendors was important, you actually proved it. The close relationships you share with each one of the vendors we visited on the field trip was inspiring to see. They loved you guys! After taking this class, I am now, more than ever, confident that this is the profession for me. Your class inspired and informed and really helped me understand what wedding planning is all about. Thanks for everything! Best of luck with all your upcoming weddings! ~ Sincerely, Krystal Souza

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