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Wedding Centerpiece 101: Effective yet Practical & Affordable

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Green DIY wedding centrepice with candles

Botanical Garden Votive Candle Holders (

Tips, Ideas & Considerations

A table centerpiece is one of the most focal décor elements of the wedding reception. By virtue of its placement on each and every guest table, this is the single most looked-at part of the entire wedding. For this reason, it has to be outstanding (so it "stands out"!).

A table centrepiece has to:

  • be eye-catching yet not overpowering
  • it must also allow room on the table for table settings and favours
  • be large enough to capture people's attention but not so large that it is impossible for guests to see and speak to one another across the table.

That is a lot of requirements, just for one décor element! So, often, when budget is of a concern, brides can focus mainly on their table centerpieces and not worry about having too much other décor.

paper bag floral wedding centerpieces

Elegant, yet Affordable, DIY and also Green!
(idea: Amazing Day Events)

More Bang for your Buck

If you are working with a budget and need to narrow down your décor options, always opt for an extra special centerpiece and don't do as much with the periphery of the room. After all, the biggest impact will be created by what's at eye level. Everything else will end up blending into the background and will be forgotten the second guests sit down at their table.

The centerpiece, however, is front and centre and in everyone's face (so to speak) the entire night. Guests will look at it and comment on it throughout the night; so make sure it's worth the discussion.

Floral wedding centriepiece by Martha Stweart

(from Martha Stewart)

Centrepieces, like many components of the wedding décor, can be simple or elaborate, inexpensive or an absolute budget buster. But, they can also be one of the easiest parts of the wedding décor to do yourself. Here, you can add lots of bang to your table without spending too much out of pocket.

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The Potted Plant

One of our favourite centerpiece ideas is the potted plant:
  • potted plants are less difficult to work with as there is nothing to cut or arrange
  • they are easy to store and care for before the wedding (don't forget to water them)
  • they make a great keepsake for one lucky guest per table

Tip: By arranging a fun contest during the reception, one person per table can take home the plant as a memento of your wedding day and as a symbol of how love continues to grow over time.

Potted tulips, wedding centrepiece

(setting by:

Or.. Lots of Smaller Plants..

For greater impact on each table, use a series of small potted plants and arrange them in a tier at the centre of the table.

A break-away centerpiece idea works very well with a series of potted plants gathered together. Perhaps, there could be enough pots for each person at the table. Now, you don't have to worry about favours as each pot can serve as a favour as well as part of the centerpiece.

potted daisies | centerpiece/wedding favour idea

(idea: Martha Stewart)

Be creative with each table's potted plant or plants by painting each pot. Or, you can cover each one with decorative fabric or tulle to match your wedding theme. Tie a wide ribbon around your creation and your centerpieces are good to go!

Tip: Potted flowering plants create the biggest impact but if you have chosen pots with greenery only, add some silk flowers or real singles to make the plant really stand out.

Use your imagination to create additional décor for your plants. For example, buy a bunch of rods that you can decorate with sequins or stones and stick one or two in each pot. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

(from Yup! Indeed... ;-)

Go Green Team!

You know we had to say it at some point! This practical, fun, and easy DIY centerpiece idea is also super GREEN! No flowers cut and preserved, the potted plant is probably one of the best ways to show your commitment to the environment at your wedding. Chic and savvy! We love it!

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