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Decor Idea: Personalised Wedding Signs

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Personalised wedding sign for the reception

sign by: Beyond the Wall

Personalisation brings your own identity to your wedding and instantly makes the day all the more special and memorable for you and your wedding guests. The usual way is to have your monograms on the centrepieces, the favours, the cake etc. But you can do more (and bigger!) Here is a new idea we just saw:

Personalised Wedding Signs (for the reception)

Place a large, custom sign on the wall behind the cake table, or the guest book table or even the gift table. Even though the tables themselves may have some sort of décor on them, the walls often go undecorated and as a result, end up looking plain and boring compared to the rest of the venue. So, instead of a curtain, or flowers (or some generic painting that your venue has on that wall!) you make a statement, right away and set the tone for the night.

Custom wedding wall sign

Examples & Ideas

The following examples we found on the website of Beyond the Wall, a BC company that makes custom vinyl names, monograms and phrases can be added wherever you feel they will have the most impact from the wedding car to the wine glasses and beyond

Custom wedding sign

Custom wedding sign

Custom wedding sign

Custom wedding reception wall sign

More? Go to and click "wedding".

They 're cheap, totally customisable, easy to install and even easier to remove! What a fabulous idea!

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