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Wedding Gown 101: Choosing your Style

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2010 Wedding Gown: Anjolique 2063

Anjolique #2063, found at ACS Formals (N.B.)

Determining your personal style is probably the first step in choosing the perfect wedding dress. From the minimalistic to the ultra chic, your style, like that of most brides, will probably fit into one of five basic categories:

1. Romantic

Are you a girly girl at heart? Dresses with lots of lace and feminine details make this look reminiscent of old world charms. Beautiful satin ribbons, cap sleeves, and embroidery add to this style's "feminine" appeal


Alfred Angelo #2073. Romantic lace wedding gown

Alfred Angelo #2073, found at ACS Formals (N.B.)

Casablanca 1942 wedding gown

Casablanca #1942, from Bells & Bows in Lethbridge

2. Glamorous

Do you want all eyes on you? Rich fabrics, ornate beadwork and embellishments make this look not only glamorous but also "over the top" indulgent!

Glamorous bridal gown by Melissa Gentille

© Melissa Gentile, Montréal

Allure Bridals 8350: glamorous wedding dress

Allure Bridals, Style #8350

3. Elegant

Do you love the classics? Dramatic ball gowns or slimmer A-line silhouettes with movement, add elegance and sophistication to any bride's look.

Melissa Gentille wedding dress

© Melissa Gentile

Bonny Bridals wedding dress #12

Bonny Bridals #2073, found at ACS Formals (N.B.)

4. Minimalistic

Are you less glitz more substance? A style with simple lines, little or no embellishments and form fitting silhouettes will emphasize your "no frills" attitude right from the get go.

Simple wedding dress by Jenny Yoo - available in Frocks Bridesmaids, Vancouver, Calgary

Jenny Yoo bridal collection
available at Frocks Bridesmaids (Vancouver/Calgary)

Very simple wedding dress by Venus Bridals (ACS Formals in N.B.)

Venus Bridal, style #VE8509

5. Ultra Chic

Do you love the modern urban vibe? Gowns with "hard" lines, architectural draping and pleating are synonymous with today's ultra modern sculptured approach to bridal fashion.

Monique Lhuillier wedding dress (spring 2010 collection)

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2010 "Rihanna" wedding dress
from Bisou Bridal (Vancouver)

Alfred Angelo #2063 2010 wedding dress

Alfred Angelo Canada, style #2063

Although you may have already determined your personal style, it is best to experiment with many gowns before narrowing your choice down to just a few. Even some ultra chic brides often end up with soft romantic gowns on their wedding day. Keep your options open and use the basics as a guide but ultimately, let your body and your instinct determine what looks best on you!

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