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Beautiful Bride! Lisa in Mexico!

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Lisa in Mexico

Bride: Lisa Kwan
Wedding Date: November 18, 2009
Location: El Dorado Royale Spa Resorts and Hotels, Mexico
Photography: Emma Smallbone of barebonephoto, Cambridge/Tri-City & GTA
Gown: Custom made by Lisa Van Hattem, Waterdown ON
Hairstyle: I did it myself with the help of my sister!
Makeup: I did it myself using M.A.C. makeup

Beautiful canadian brides awardIf there are any brides out there considering a destination wedding, this resort is amazing. The wedding planning was a breeze and the service in general at the resort was great. I would definitely invest the extra money again to be in the Casita section, just to treat yourself even more. I would definitely go back again. ~ Lisa

Beautiful Bride & bridesmaids. Lisa, in Mexico 2009

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