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Wedding Prep School? (Calgary)

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Planning their Wedding like a Pro!

Hiring a wedding planner is always a great idea. It makes your wedding planning and your wedding day flow all the more easier. But, what if you can't afford the extra expense and are trying to do most, if not all, the planning on your own?

wedding planning classes in CalgaryMany brides find themselves in this situation but often don't know how to get started and end up feeling completely overwhelmed. This is where Caught The Bouquet - Wedding Prep School in Calgary steps in.

Michelle Rhyason, a professional Calgary wedding planner, has set up a fun 2.5 hour course that teaches brides how to be their own wedding planner by teaching them all the tricks of the trade and helps them avoid costly and unnecessary decisions.

The course includes an 80 page slide presentation on all things wedding from picking a venue and caterer, to handling rentals and décor, to choosing invitations and photographers and even teaches contract negotiations. The program also offers information on major venues and suppliers in the city along with worksheets on creating a budget. During the course, there is also time allocated to go over any questions and concerns brides may have.

Saving a little money here and there during the planning is on most brides' minds but having a little expert help behind you, never hurt the final result. What we really need now is for Michelle to franchise into a national wedding prep college!

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