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Laura & John in Wonderland! Fun Engagement Photo Shoot

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Alice-in-Wonderland engagement photo shoot, Vancouver

Personal, Intimate & Creative

We just love themes and props. They add a whole new dimension to your event, creativity and self-expression. They bring your friends closer by offering a rare and intimate glimpse into your world. And we really appreciate those wedding professionals who go that extra mile, connect with the couple, encourage you to express yourself and adapt their work to suit YOU.

Check out these photos: Laura and John's e-session, in Vancouver, shot by Amy & Jen from Daydream Weddings (one of the winners of our Best Wedding Photo of 2009 awards - no wonder..)

Laura & John's engagement portrait, in Vancouver

Laura loves Alice in Wonderland and the one thing Jen and I wanted to bring a little of wonderland to the shoot for Laura as you can see in the photos. We believe that the the engagement session is not only a great way for us to know our couples before the wedding but a way for us to create creative photos for them. ~Amy @ Daydream Weddings

theme engagement photoshoot

theme engagement photo shoot

all photos © Daydream Weddings, Vancouver

These photos were taken at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver; Laura and John are getting married in June. CONGRATULATIONS!

Laura & John

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